The campus welcomed the new year by reaffirming the commitment to make Notre Dame an ever-more inclusive community. The annual candlelight vigil marking Walk the Walk Week offered a moment to reflect on the steps each member of the campus community can take to that end. In addition, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was a University holiday for the first time, and many students, faculty and staff marked the occasion by participating in service projects. Later in the month, the campus paused taking part in an on-campus version of the March for Life. All the while, students reveled in the usual pastimes: athletics, snow games, and taking in a show.

Tall grass and weeds covered in ice and snow near a blue lake. In the background the sun creates a starburst effect in the sky.
St. Joseph Lake on a single-digit temperature day.
Notre Dame's Men's basketball team huddles underneath the basketball hoop. The ACC logo painted on the ground to the right of the team.
The Men’s Basketball team huddles at halftime during the game against Duke.

Photography by Barbara Johnston and Matt Cashore