Fighting to Protect Our Community

As Ed Striedl remembers it, the borough of Keansburg, New Jersey, tried to fortify against Hurricane Sandy. In the days and hours ahead of the storm, evacuation was encouraged. Locations on high ground were set aside for people to park cars. Shelters were put into place. And yet when the storm hit, destruction came in unlikely and devastating forms.

People fled, but in those moments when most people run away, that’s when Tracy Kijewski-Correa runs in.

Kijewski-Correa is a civil engineer and associate professor in both the College of Engineering and the Keough School of Global Affairs at the University of Notre Dame. Her work in disaster risk reduction and international development has taken her from Haiti to Indonesia, Dhaka to Dubai. In most cases, in the wake of a disaster she’s running toward the damage, hoping to document it in detail.

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