Podcast: Season 2

Showcasing the life and work of the University of Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame Stories podcast features interviews with faculty members who are contributing to some of the major national and international stories of the day, as well as narrative pieces that bring listeners closer to the work of people creating knowledge for a world in need.

An illustration of three wise men looking at a star in the distance.

What was the Christmas Star?

The Gospel account of St. Matthew includes a peculiar episode: Magi or wise men who followed a star to the place of Jesus’ birth. Grant Mathews, a Notre Dame astrophysicist, details the astronomical phenomenon he believes led them to Bethlehem. To learn more, read the story here.

(Re-edited version of the episode that aired Nov. 30, 2018.)

The bronze water fountain at the Grotto

Of Analytics and Art

In this episode, we meet a business students who is helping the NBA understand a new rule change. And, one of the most iconic landmarks on campus gets an upgrade.

A blue and gold flag that reads Idea Center Notre Dame

The Energy of Innovation

Three years after the University announced the creation of the IDEA Center, we discuss how Notre Dame faculty and students are bridging the gap from innovation to impact. Also, how the University ceased coal use at its power plant, a year ahead of schedule.

A try of salmon, mashed potatoes and green beans.

Food and Thought

A look at ideas that are addressing major food-related problems: A potential breakthrough on peanut allergies. Learn more about how Basar Bilgicer, associate professor of engineering, is fighting to cure food allergies here.

And, what Notre Dame is doing to help kids get the nutrition they need, so they can focus in school. Read more about the program here.

St. Peter's Square in the Vatican City in Rome.

Unexpected Guides

What your social circle can tell you about your health, and what centuries-old travel guides can tell us about a city.