Showcasing the life and work of the University of Notre Dame.

Notre Dame Stories brings you perspective on the world’s top news stories and tells the stories of Notre Dame’s work to be a force for good in the world. From interviews with experts to storytelling from the places where research is taking place, these podcast series bring listeners closer to the work of creating knowledge and delivering impact for a world in need.

A podcast microphone in front of a computer screen.

Notre Dame Stories: In Studio

One-on-one conversations with people contributing to some of the major national stories of our day.

A professor sits reading a book in a cluttered office.

Office Hours

Discussions with researchers about their work...and whatever we find in their offices.

Dark illustration of prison cell.

Proving Innocence

Notre Dame Law students and faculty work to overturn wrongful convictions

The cityscape of Jerusalem

Tantur: Hill in the Holy Land

Exploring the history and the future of Notre Dame's presence in Jerusalem.

Three people wearing masks unload boxes.

Covering Coronavirus

The pandemic alters life at Our Lady's University.